May. 15th, 2015

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Note from the Editor:

Ties That Bind by [personal profile] barefoot_bard; Show the Colours; K+; Paol Kerjean, Mathilde Benveniste, Montreuil, Dominic Charcot, Jérémie Blanchard; Comrades are reunited after an eventful separation. Talavera, August 1809.
Safe by [personal profile] barefoot_bard; Show the Colours; M; Paol Kerjean, Jérémie Blanchard; After being wounded in the midst of the fighting at Talavera, a French soldier tries to get back to his lines. Talavera, July 1809.
No Glad Tidings by [personal profile] barefoot_bard; Show the Colours; K+; Cross Johnson; A Marine receives only bad news when his ship calls at Gibraltar for stores and liberty runs. Gibraltar, August 1809.

Son et Lumière:

Of historical interest:
[community profile] anything_aos: [personal profile] ozfille: The Voyages of Rose de Freycinet

Miscellany and meta:

Communities and challenges:
[community profile] mandc_read are reading Chapter Four of The Thirteen=Gun Salute this weekend

Rec of the Week:
Ex Libris by [personal profile] latin_cat; Sharpe; G; Harris, Wellington, Dan Hagman; Harris’ search for literature gets him into trouble.

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