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Note from the Editor: Hope you've all had a good week, whatever you've been up to.

Parting Gifts by [personal profile] barefoot_bard; original - Show the Colours/Dogwatches AU; K+; original characters; A Marine sets his affairs in order. Chatham, August 1794
Getting One's Step by [personal profile] barefoot_bard; original; K+; original characters; Prompt response: Cross Johnson's reaction to being promoted Corporal. Dominica, April 1802.
From the Vickery Family Papers: Letter 15 by [personal profile] sharpiefan; Show the Colours; U; Emma Vickery, John Vickery; More correspondence from the papers of the Vickery family, between Captain John Vickery of the 5/60th and members of his family.
A Link to the Past, A Bridge to the Future by [personal profile] sharpiefan; Show the Colours; U; original characters; Thompson returns home during the summer of 1811.

Son et Lumière:

Of historical interest:
[personal profile] sharpiefan: A very special birthday
[ profile] austenblog: Jane Austen's House Museum raising funds to buy Cassandra Austen letter

Miscellany and meta:

Communities and challenges:
[community profile] mandc_read are reading The Thirteen-Gun Salute Chapter Three this weekend
[personal profile] sharpiefan: Calling all writers

Rec of the Week: It's not specifically an AoS link as such, but [personal profile] muccamukk linked to this post musing about mermaids, and as sailors spin endless yarns about mermaids, I thought it'd be a cool link to share. (If it prompts ficcage, please share?)

Got a link for the next issue? Please comment and let us know. Remember to please tell your AoS friends about us. The more, the merrier, after all! And if you would like to include a particular favourite of yours in Rec of the Week, please leave a comment with a link.


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